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European Haulage

Our dedicated team of European Haulage specialists look after every detail from booking to delivery and have over 75 years’ experience of delivering goods all over Europe. Whether you are looking to export goods from the UK to Europe or import goods from Europe to the UK we can provide a full turn key service whatever your requirements. 

As one of the UK’s leading European haulage companies, we have a range of trailers that regularly undertake road haulage routes through France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Scandinavia and the UK. 

Regular loads include, plant, machines, steel, farm equipment, tractors, high value goods, timber, aircraft parts & engines, rail equipment, construction equipment & materials.



Trailers and crane mounted trailers capabilities

Pick up

Payload: 1.5 tonne
Length: 12ft (3.7m)
GVW: 3.5 tonne

Rigid Flat

Payload: 3.5 tonne
Length: 18ft (5.5m)
GVW: 7.5 tonne

Curtain-sided trailer

Length: 40-50ft (12-13.75m)
GVW: 44 tonne

Flat bed trailer

Length: 40-50ft (12-13.75)
GVW: 44 tonne

Extendable 3 axel step-frame trailer with rear mounted crane

Payload: 16 tonne
Length: 24-85ft (7.3-26m)
Crane Capacity: 16 Tonnes @ 3.5M

Plant trailer

Payload: 35 tonne
Length: 24-85ft (7.3-26m)

Extendable trailer

Payload: 50 tonne
Length: 24-85ft (7.3-26m)

Low Loader

Payload: 65 tonne
Length: 27.8-46ft (8.5-14m)

Bogey trailer

Payload: 120 tonne
Length: 65-148ft (20-45m)

2 bed 4 axel low loader

Payload: 95 tonne
Length: 26.2-42.6ft (8-13m)