Machinery Removals

We provide highly skilled machinery removal and installation teams who dis-mantle, manoeuvre, pack, load and transport complex machinery, factories and offices.

We have moved whole factories and then efficiently re-installed them at their new sites for many years. Walkers will handle the complete move for the customer, which have included shipping knitting machines to Italy and Sri Lanka and moving specialist drilling and cutting machines.

Specialist Equipment

  • Fork-lift trucks
  • Versa-lift trucks and Tri-Lifters
  • Equipment for skating and manoeuvring large machines through factories and workshops
  • Cranes for lifting machinery
  • Crane mounted trailers and HIABs
  • Trucks and specialist trailers for transport of machinery to its final destination

Fork-Lift Truck

Crane-Mounted Trailer

Knitting Machine Removal

Plant Trailer

Versa Lift

Knitting Machine Installation

22 Tonne Pressure Vessel Installation

25 Tonne Injection Moulder Installation

35 Tonne Injection Moulder Installation

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